Fast Forward Ventures Inc. was founded in 2016 with a focus on helping investors, builders, developers, tenants and landlords make wise real estate decisions.  FFV Inc. takes an integrated Real Estate approach to maximizing value for it's clients and partners.  At FFV Inc. our mission is to "change landscapes".

Who we work with?

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Do you own a company?  We help business owners navigate the complex world of commercial real estate helping business owner's secure flagship location to operate their businesses.  Our holistic, data driven approach analyzes cashflow, personel growth and company values to make wise Real Estate decisions.  

Developers and Builders

Do you have a Real Estate acquisition or development that requires funding? We help builders and developers finance their Real Estate projects.  


Do you own a real estate portfolio?  We help maximize your occupancy and position your assets for highest and best use.  

Are you looking to invest in real estate?  We have various opportunities through investing in Real Estate debt or partnering with us in an equity project.

Our Advantage.

By taking an integrated approach we are able to analyze commercial real estate opportunities from multiple perspectives to creative solutions and value-add results.   


We understand the necessity of capital preservation and consistent investment returns.  We offer accredited investors passive real estate investment opportunities through either  i) Mortgage Debt secured on Real Estate Assets and ii)  Equity opportunities through value add projects.  

Having brokered tens of millions of dollars of real estate transactions, we have developed a proven expertise in property valuation.  We also understand the importance of an exit strategy, a fundamental aspect of investing in real estate. 


Simple, fast and common sense financing is an essential part of growth.  Having constructed multiple properties, we understand construction financing from both the builder and the banker's perspective.  Successful projects are a result of this mutual understanding. 


Much like builders, developers need to access capital in order to grow.  Often capital in only required for a short time as the entrepreneurial developer continues to add value to their project.  We understand the time it takes to work with municipalities on approvals and the significant up front costs for servicing, studies and design.  

commercial tenants.

Understanding how Real Estate fits into the entire business drives effective decision making.  Employee retention, public perception, office culture, amenities, accessibility, design, projected growth and cost all interact when making real estate decisions.  Incorporating the many variables impacting a company's decision we create a competitive environment for Landlord's to compete with each other to offer the most incentives and structure a deal that is most advantagous to the the Tenant as possible.  Sometimes it is flexibility and term length other times it is not having to make capital investments into the space.  We understand that each business has a unique position and requirement.  

commercial landlords.

Occupancy increases the bottom line.  We take a targeted approach to court specific Tenants that would be a good "fit" for your building.  Leasing space is far more that posting a sign and hoping for the best.  We own commercial property and think like owners.  Creative marking and positioning are key to attracting the right Tenant to fill vacant space.  

Some Background.

Graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 2007, Jeff began his Commercial Real Estate career at CB Richard Ellis where he specialized in Office Leasing and Investment Sales.  

Jeff began investing in Real Estate in 2007 and started growing a portfolio of multifamily, retail and mixed use commercial properties in Southwestern, Ontario while becoming a top producing real estate broker. 

As Jeff continued to grow his Real Estate businesses,  he co-founded Cole and Parker, in 2013, a luxury men’s lifestyle company selling bold, premium quality men’s socks.   Cole and Parker filmed on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and was featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Men’s Fitness and Trend Hunter.  Growing  to over 200 retailers throughout North America prior to being acquired in 2016. 

In 2016, Jeff, launched Fast Forward Ventures and introduced the debt financing line of business completing over $12m of funding and was named as one of the Top 20 under 40 business people in London, Ontario.  In 2017 FFV Inc financed over $20m in transactions.

With over a decade of Commercial Real Estate experience, Jeff has participated in tens of millions of real estate transactions including:  leasing, investments sales, financing and development.  He is also a speaker and mentor at the University of Western Ontario's Entrepreneurship program, Propel.  

Jeff's diverse background as a real estate entrepreneur, allows Fast Forward Ventures to have an integrated real estate approach.  Combining expert knowledge from the brokerage business, financing and investment perspective, Fast Forward Ventures is able to  maximize value for its clients and partners.  Truly understanding the multi-dimensional, dynamic commercial real estate market helps Fast Forward Ventures work with it's clients and partners to change the landscape.

Jeff House    Founder | Managing Partner

Jeff House

Founder | Managing Partner